to use the Tank Nabber

The Tank Nabber tool easily attaches to oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, SF6, etc., cylinders in either a vertical or horizontal position.

  • With the desired tank in a vertical position, place the Tank Nabber tool over the top of the cylinder and tighten tension screw. 
  • The locking safety pin can be removed to allow the latching arms to open to attach to a cylinder where access to the top or bottom of cylinder is obstructed.
  • With the locking safety pin in place and securely locked you simply tighten the tension screw to hold the tool in position. It takes 10 to 15 foot pounds of pressure to safely hold the tool in position. This is accomplished by tightening the tension screw until it is in snug contact with the cylinder and then tightening one to two more rounds.
  • The Tank Nabber tool has been load tested to over 2000 pounds and is designed to safely handle tanks up to 350 pounds. The Tank Nabber has also been tested in harsh construction and shop environments and found to be safe and efficient to use.

For complete instructions and recommended usage for the Tank Nabber tool, see the Tank Nabber Video tutorial.

patent pending #61/237988