The Tank Nabber

The ergonomic answer to moving compressed gas cylinders, tanks and bottles, lessening the risk of injury and strain.

offered exclusively by Tanner Tools LLC

The Tank Nabber tool has been built in accordance to ASME codes and meets the requirements of BTH.1.2011. It is a tool built with quality materials and construction designed to last many years with proper use.

The Tank Nabber Tool is a mini-cradle lifting device designed specifically to be used to safely lift and handle compressed gas cylinders in the electrical, oil field, pipeline, construction, manufacturing and maintenance industries or in your own home shop.

Compressed gas cylinders, tanks, bottles, etc. must be transported from storage facilities or racks, to work sites and lifted into position to be used. These cylinders are heavy and difficult to handle due to the lack of handles or lifting points to attach any type of lifting apparatus.

The Tank Nabber tool easily and securely attaches to compressed gas cylinders and then can be used with any lifting apparatus to easily and safely transport the tank from point A to point B without risk of injury.

Whether you are using a crane, hoist, bucket truck or front-end loader, with a work load rating of 350 pounds, the Tank Nabber tool is the tool for the job.

Patent pending: 61/237988

Tanner Tool's Tank Nabber

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