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The Tank Nabber tools have been built in accordance to ASME codes and meet the requirements of BTH.1.2011. These tools are built with quality materials and construction designed to last many years with proper use. The Tank Nabber Toola are a mini-cradle lifting devices designed specifically to be used to safely lift and handle 10" and 13" compressed gas cylinders in the electrical, oil field, pipeline, construction, manufacturing and maintenance industries or in your own home shop. The Tank Nabber tools have a work load rating of 350 pounds.

NOTE: Replacement parts are interchageable between both Tank Nabber Tools.

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The Tank Nabber Tool


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TNT0010-1 The Tank Nabber Tool
$1,295 + shipping
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TNT0010-3 Tank Nabbers (3 @ $1,295.00)
$3,885 + shipping
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TNT0010-6 Tank Nabbers (6 @ $1295.00)
$7,770.00 + shipping
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TNT0010-12 Tank Nabbers (12 @ $1295.00)
$15,540.00 + Shipping
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TNT0013-1 Tank Nabber 13"
$1,395 + shipping
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TNT0010-0013-2 Tank Nabber Set: 10" & 13"
Set contains one (1) original Tank Nabber Tool 10" and a (1) Tank Nabber 13" tool for a set of Tank Nabbers that will accommodate acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, SF6, etc., cylinders in either a vertical or horizontal position. Set Price: $2,600.00 + shipping
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TNT-PIN0001 Replacement Pin (1)
$12.95 + $8.95 shipping
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TNT-SCR0001 Replacement Spindle (1)
$51.95 + $8.95 Shipping
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TNT-PAD0001 Replacement Pad
$12.95 + $8.95 Shipping
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TNT-KIT0001 Replacement Kit: 1 each of Pin, Spindle, & Pad
$76.95 + $8.95 shipping
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